Granite Empire is a family-owned and operated business that started in 2008 with a small team. By now, we have grown to a successful company, well-known and trusted on the market for providing products and services of outstanding quality.
We are proven experts in everything related to the unique design of marble, granite and quartz countertops and other items crafted from these materials. Our team employs both their hearts and expertise into work, proven by the outstanding results delivered to each and every client. We do our best to meet your needs and outperform your expectations.
We treat our clients as partners and are doing our best to earn their appreciation, respect and long-term partnership.

Ion Renita
CEO & Founder



Granite Depot fabricates and installs stone countertops from beautiful and durable material in Knoxville, TN and surrounding area

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September 2008

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200 +

Our products

We produce elegant countertops from granite, marble, and quartz for your remodelling projects.

1 Kitchens Installed in 7-10 Business Days Why choose us Get a quote We will install all the countertops in your kitchen within 7-10 business days keeping the high quality level. Granite Depot is working fast for you to start enjoying your beautiful new kitchen as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to give you, within a reasonable time, the possibility to get back to your daily routine with cozy family dinners in a new pleasant and elegant environment. 2 Up to 25 Years Sealer Available Why choose us Check the warranty conditions Granite Depot works with the most reliable suppliers on the market and selects only durable and qualitative materials for our clients’ projects. This allows us to provide a 25 years sealer to our customers. We guarantee that all the joints will remain airtight. 3 Dedicated Design Specialist for Every Project Why choose us Call us now Your project will be developed by a dedicated expert, who will create a personalized design of your future countertops and advise you on the best materials and colors given your needs and preferences, as well as the future functionality of the product. Our design expert will find the way to refresh your kitchen and/or bathroom interiors with gorgeous countertops. 4 Over 250 Colors to Choose From Why choose us Check the samples We’re working with a vast palette of beautiful colors of granite, marble and quartz. Our specialists continuously select the best specimens of all varieties of stone on the market. Thus, you can choose from over 250 colors and find the one fitting your interior design best. Our team of experts will create and deliver a beautiful project based on your choice.

Our approach


1 Get a quote Selection We use unique slabs of stone for every project. You can choose from over 250 colors and be sure there will be no other countertop like yours. Our stock is constantly renewed with one-of-a-kind pieces of marble, quartz and granite of the most notable brands. Our experts select stone slabs with the most interesting textures and patterns from our suppliers’ assortment to offer you a choice from hundreds of unique pieces. SELECTION 2 Get a quote Price At Granite Depot you’ll get the best price for countertops from marble, granite, and quartz slabs available in Knoxville. We guarantee no hidden fees. You get a written estimate including every product and service required. Granite Depot is a fabricator, so our price is based on material and labor cost only, without additional intermediary payments. We provide a fair competitive price. SELECTION 3 Get a quote Quality We collaborate with the most reliable suppliers on the market and use the best materials with unique shades of colour and veining available. Our team of well-trained professionals with a minimum years expertise has designed and installed over 500+ unique countertops for customers from Knoxville area. All the measurements, countertop cutting and polishing operations are made using high-precision last generation equipment. SELECTION Selection Price Quality Selection Price Quality


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Reviews and Opinions

Tracy Sagro


We are so excited and HAPPY with our new Granite counter tops. It was a great experience and we are so so PLEASED with our Kitchen and Bathroom upgrades!!

Rachel, Andrew, and Vadim were incredible and fun to work with. Rachel kept us in the loop all along the process and Vadim and Andrew with their crews were incredible.

The owner called and asked for our feedback and shared that he was here to support us all along the way….Thanks and very classy.

Great job Team!!!

M. Abercrombie


Incredible Price, Service and Product!!! These guys are the real deal!!! You can check out the rest but Go with the Best!!! Granite Depot!!! Thanks again for the Best Price and Fast Installation!!!

Sandra Greene


After checking out several competitors, I selected Granite Depot. Their price was significantly less than others, and the turnaround time was excellent, our granite tops were installed in less than one week after the template was done. Thank you!!

Jeannine Dunn


Granite Depot’s supply of granite and its customer service are amazing! We called to have our counter tops installed the Friday the rest of our kitchen construction was complete and they were out the following Tuesday with our new counter tops, sink and faucet!! The counter and sink was installed in just a couple hours and they look awesome!

Teresa Roper


I just had new countertops done by Granite depots location in Maryville I am so pleased with this company an product they were amazing from beginning to end the customer service was awesome an the installer was very great knew exactly what he was doing.. I love my kitchen once again I would recommend them to anyone..

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asked questions

What are the quartz countertops pros?

What are the quartz countertops pros?


Being one of the most popular stone materials used for kitchens in the US, quartz shares its dominating position on the market with granite only. The pros: stronger stone due to the 7% of polymer resins, ensuring its non-porous and almost 100% bacteria-free surface; the slope is customizable – you can choose the pattern you like, evidentiate some parts of the stone crumb and hide others; easy to maintain – unlike granite or marble – quartz countertops require just a basic cleaning and have a non-porous surface, making it impossible for bacteria to survive for a long time.

What is the difference between quartz countertops and granite?

What is the difference between quartz countertops and granite?


Both stones have their pros and cons. Review their features to make a choice. Although quartz countertops are strong, durable, flexible, don’t need special maintenance and the color patterns are consistent among slabs, they have some weaknesses, such as low resistance to heat and prolonged exposure to the sun. In its turn, granite is 100% natural, thus unique and beautiful, much more resistant to chemicals than quartz and resistant to heat. You can easily put a hot pan on it, however we’d advise against doing so recurrently.

Can I cut food directly on a quartz countertop?

Can I cut food directly on a quartz countertop?


Quartz is a very tough and durable material, resistant to cuts and scratches unlike natural stone, so of course you can cut food on it, just don’t do this too often. We would still recommend to use a cutting board on your quartz countertops, especially when working with raw meat, to keep them looking perfect for as long as possible. The ability to resist scratches and slicing damage to the countertops doesn’t mean quartz countertops are damage-proof, nor that the marks can’t be seen at all.

Will my granite look like the online sample?

Will my granite look like the online sample?


Granite is a natural stone, hence its color, tone, granularity, pattern and other variations are different at each slope. These emphasize the natural beauty of the stone. We use high-end photography and editing technologies to pick up the most suitable slabs, resembling the online images, but we suggest you look at the samples. They will give you a better idea of how your countertops will look like.


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